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Gazelle Bicycles Australia was founded by a passionate group of guys determined to help make Australia a better place to use a bike for commuter and utility bicycle trips. We offer Europe’s best brands tested and proven in the World’s most bike friendly countries.

Royal Dutch Gazelle is the largest, oldest and most well known bicycle brand in the cycle-crazy country of The Netherlands. Our interest in Gazelle stems from our belief that a bicycle should be used as an alternative to the car for many trips. Choosing Gazelle means smooth cycling, smart design and solid quality. Choosing Gazelle means choosing the cycling pleasure of a premium brand.

Basil is a leading Dutch brand in bicycle bags and baskets. Currently, Basil is experiencing rapid growth with the interest in bicycle commuting on the rise. The business started in the 1970's in Holland and now distributes throughout the world. Basil is known for developing high quality, practical and trendy solutions to carrying your items on the bicycle. Basil also has many unique features such as the innovative mounting systems and trend-setting Mirte handbag.

Yepp seats are designed to carry children from about 9 months of age to around 10 years old. For each age group Yepp has a bike seat that best meets the needs of parent and child. The use of new materials and the modern design have turned the world of bike seats on its head! Since its introduction in 2009, Yepp bike seats have won a host of design awards, including the Bicycle Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Industrial Design - Best in Category, not to mention the public prize Baby Innovation Award 2011.

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